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Božićni turnir 2015

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Association of Street workout Solin was established in 19.04.2015, in Solin. The purpose of the Association is to promote the exercise of the street in the town of Solin, at the level of the Croatian and the world, making street workout parks in the area of ​​Solin, participation, organization and leadership in sports competitions, health care and health protection of members of the Association and the instruction and training of all members of the Association at the same time and all other concerned citizens of Solin, and beyond.

Where we are

Goals, Plans and Associations

- Construction sw parks in every local committee
- Solin trim trail with sw devices on mountain Kozjak
- Training young people in the parks
- Presentation street workout exercises in all primary schools
- The organization of the tournament
- Participation in competitions at the county level, and the state

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